Our Brands

  • Teasdale

    Teasdale® is no flash in the pan Latino foods brand. Since 1942, our beans and hominy brand has exceeded standards with our high quality Mexican and Latino inspired foods. Sourcing only top quality ingredients has been second nature for generations, and we plan to continue for generations to come.

  • Rudys

    From our humble beginning as the Texas Tortillas Factory in 1945, we started in our family kitchen with one comal producing authentic, handmade tortillas from choice corn and flour. Today our commitment to uncompromising quality and our heritage of authenticity have established us as one of the food service industry's leading bakers of high quality, delicious tortillas. 

  • Jardines

    A ranch with an artisan kitchen may sound a little unusual, but it’s the perfect place for Texas tradition to meet flavorful small batch innovation. For more than 30 years, Jardines® has created its premium signature fruit salsas, fire roasted Texas style salsas and exotic hot sauces using only the finest produce and natural ingredients. From the front porch of the hill country, we’re the Soulful Salsa from South of Austin®. 

  • Casa Fiesta
    Casa Fiestaa

    Blending authentic Tex-Mex recipes and all natural ingredients, Casa Fiesta® doesn’t just deliver major flavor; we created a category. One of the first Mexican food companies in existence, our full line of Mexican foods – such as beans, hominy, salsas, sauces, taco shells, dinner kits, dips, seasonings and peppers – make for the absolute best in Fiesta Worthy Flavor.

  • Sontava

    For more than 20 years, we’ve harvested only the highest-quality premium peppers for our line of Sontava!® Habanero Hot Sauces. Harvested in the Tropical Andes, the land of the sun, whose humidity contributes to the richness of the soil, our habaneros are the sweet spicy star of the sauce. And because we only use a handful of natural ingredients, the flavor is pure perfection.

  • Mexene
    Mexene Trans

    The best chili peppers, our secret mix of cumin, oregano and garlic, and a heaping helping of cowboy cache make Mexene Chili Power “The Chili Champions Choice.” Our original 1906 recipe – developed in small town Texas to duplicate classic cowboy chili – is so authentic, it’s endorsed  annually by the Chili Appreciation Society. With a reputation like that, beans or no beans, make yours with Mexene®.