Partners in Trade and Tradition

At Teasdale Latin Foods, we pride ourselves in providing our Retail and Foodservice partners with the freshest and highest quality products possible, which come in a variety of types and package sizes. Our full line of bean and hominy products, tortillas, taco shells & flatbreads, salsas, ready to use sauces, dips and seasonings deliver steady sales for our trade customers. Teasdale Latin Foods is a flexible, responsive and service-oriented company with the high-quality products your customers are looking for. 

Contact our sales force today by calling our Customer Service line at 877-498-5445.

We believe in the power of good, healthy food. That’s why we’re committed to providing innovative, best-in-class foodservice solutions for every industry.Our mission: Deliver a diverse selection of high-quality menu items and service strategies, to go above and beyond for your business and, ultimately, toincrease profitability and make you the hero.